Re-cycling cardboard boxes sounds like a good environmentally friendly thing to do so why can’t we go and collect used boxes from our supermarkets like we used to years back.

 It’s because re-cycling now means destroying perfectly useable, only once used, cardboard boxes by crushing them in a baling machine and sending the bales of cardboard for pulping to make into inferior cardboard boxes. The supermarkets are under orders from the government to re-cycle waste and they even get tax breaks for the amount of cardboard they send for pulping.

Re-use is simply using good boxes again and possibly again. There’s no cost, no waste, no ill effects on the environment and at the end of their lives, boxes can finally be sent for re-cycling into boxes again.

At David and Sons Removals, we carry a large stock of once-used boxes that we buy from local businesses who otherwise would send them for crushing. These boxes are loaned free of charge to our customers for as long as they need them. When they’re all empty, we collect them in again and send good ones out for re-use. It worked well back in the day with wooden tea-chests, now we’re making it work to-day with cardboard.

Paper is used to wrap crockery, china, ornaments etc. not the dreaded bubble wrap. The best paper to use was always newspaper but the ink comes off and can’t be removed from some bone china. We prefer to use unprinted newspaper, simply known as newsprint, as used in your local chip shop to wrap your supper.

Paper is good for re-cycling because re-cycling really does help save the rain forests and other natural sources of wood. Some forests are planted especially for cutting and are sustainable. Plus, when finished with, paper can be re-cycled into good quality products.

Bubble wrap is environmentally un-friendly because it will not decompose in landfill, It wastes too much space when used for packing in boxes meaning many more boxes are used than are needed. It uses up valuable resources in its production.

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