Where do boxes come from?

OK an odd question. In the past, we used to bring a few boxes at a time home with our shopping to start packing in advance for our removal. They’re not available now because supermarkets are under pressure to show that they are actively re-cycling their waste packaging. This means sending good boxes for pulping and making into, guess what, boxes.

See our re-cycle and re-use page.

The internet is a good source of boxes for sale as removals packs but all too often they’re too thin and weak to give any protection to the contents and simply collapse when stacked.

Strong double wall boxes are ideal but the cost of new ones is unbelievable, and we need so many these days. Some companies sell good used boxes at a better price. The Removals trade buy from Sadler’s Cartons in Birmingham.

David and Sons Removals buy boxes from local businesses who would otherwise send them to the crusher. We select clean, once used, strong boxes of assorted sizes to use in our free loan service.

By helping you with boxes, you’re helping us by making our job that bit easier, giving us good suitable boxes to carry and stow onto the vans.

How the loan works

When you have finally coaxed a moving date out of your solicitor, call us to book the day for you. We’ll then supply you with a good quantity of boxes and packaging tape for you to start packing. For convenience, we collect your booking deposit at the same time.

The boxes are available to you for as long as you need. No pressure to unpack. When you’ve emptied all the boxes, call us and we’ll collect them back from you. This only works with local moves of course. If you moved a distance away please offer them for re-use to a small local remover. They should be happy to collect from you.

Wrapping paper, which is clean white newsprint, as used in your chip shop to wrap your food, is available to protect your crockery, china, glasses, ornaments etc. this is sold on to you at whatever it costs us. We’d prefer to have your goods well protected than to make a few pennies profit at the risk of damaged goods.

Each van carries hanging garment transporters, known as portable wardrobes. These are a simple but efficient way to move clothes on hangers. They’re a tall box with an opening side, like a door, to gain access to the hanging rail which is about 18 inches or 450 mm. we usually have 6 of these on each job so most of your suits and posh frocks are kept safe. A good many clothes are happy in suit-cases so don’t need portable wardrobes.

Bubble wrap is not used for packing boxes. See our re-cycle and re-use page.

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