To say our vehicles are kept as clean as possible inside would seem to be stating the obvious, furniture and boxes shouldn’t make a van dirty.

You probably didn’t notice on some adverts that some companies also offer rubbish removals, gardens cleared, trips to the tip, waste clearance, then your removal comes next.

David and Sons Removals are just removals and deliveries only. We know licenced rubbish removals businesses who we pass enquiries on to. Our vans never carry rubbish.

We deliver brand new beds and three-piece suites for shops. Dirty vans or bad practices such as putting goods down on the street, would lose us the contracts.

We’ve had a variety of different vans over the years, large and small, and we keep coming back to using half size vans in pairs.

Our 7.5 ton and 11 ton options were good when they could be used but so often they were not able to get into places, especially when we arrive in Devon or Cornwall and can’t get near the house.

Add to this the high cost of operating, like 6 weekly mini MOT checks, Operators Licences, a qualified Transport Manager required by law on the staff (albeit part time) 12mpg, Heavy Goods Drivers, restricted working hours, the list goes on and our prices were going up.

With a pair of half size vans, we can still offer the same high quality service at a better price.

We can access all but the most difficult properties and there are no restrictions on drivers’ hours, meaning the job gets finished as planned and not held up part way through.

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