For peace of mind, we carry the correct appropriate insurances.

Although the best care is taken throughout a removal, our staff must move literally hundreds of thousands of items if you think that there could be forty or fifty breakables in a single box, plates, ornaments, wine glasses, and if we didn’t pack the boxes ourselves then we don’t know how well protected things are.

With this in mind, there are some basic rules that we stick to such as the obvious, do not ever turn a box over or on its side. Stack light on top of heavy, soft on top of strong, but then there are less obvious rules such as place boxes for stacking with their long edge to the side of the van, this way if a stack moves it will lean against the side of the van and not fall over into the open space.

TV’s are getting bigger and bigger. Loved by some, not so much by me, but if it’s what you want, then we’ll move it for you. The traditional way was to wrap it in bubble wrap or now we can buy a bag to zip them into. We’re not satisfied with that. We had to find a better way. You’ll have seen the strong flight cases used at concerts to carry all sorts of equipment in, the case with the removable lid and it can be rolled along on castors. As close to perfect as we have come up with yet. Foam lined, the TV slots in and is secured, the top goes back on and the TV can’t be touched.

Pictures and mirrors can be handled in the same way in another flight case.

3 piece suites are another large expense. We don’t want to run the risk of damage or dirtying your furniture but sometimes it may have to be carried over a fence or through a narrow garden gate. It might just be a tight squeeze through your door, in any case, we have available, tailor made quilted chair and sofa covers for protecting your suite.

Even though we take best care when handling your goods, we know you’d feel better if we have insurance. So we have;

£20,000 goods in transit cover per van

property cover

£2 million Public liability cover

£10 million employees cover

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