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David and Sons Removals

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David & Sons family run business has been established more than 30 years. We provide a professional Removals and Storage service.


David and Sons Removals and Storage 

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‘David and Sons’ is a family run Removals and Storage business, ideally suited to family home removals.

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We provide indoor and container storage. Lots of different size rooms and lockers are available to suit your needs.

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Fancy doing it yourself but dont own a van? We can provide a van fully equipped with a trained member of staff.

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"Let our family move yours"
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Unit 6c Brockhill Works
Windsor Road, Redditch, B97 6DJ 

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 (9am - 7pm) Monday - Saturday
Telephone: 07842 633 733 Andrew Wilson

Big enough to cope

Big enough to take on 4 & 5 bedroom houses in a single load, enabling long distance UK moves as well as the more usual local removals which need to be all loaded onto the van before the mid-day key release.To ensure meeting the mid-day deadline, our usual crew is made up of 2 porters and a driver/loader. .To achieve this we use a variety of vans including 4 luton vans and a large 7.5 ton truck with tail lift.

Small enough to care

We are a family run business employing only people known to us and trusted to take the best care of furniture and customers alike. Moving day is huge for you and we only want helpful caring people with experience. (we dont use any agency staff)

When furniture has to be dismantled for moving, or the washing machine has to be disconnected, we can see to it for you. At your new home, we’ll rebuild your furniture again.


Under new management

Due to David’s semi-retirement this year, David and Sons Removals has been passed into the capable and enthusiastic hands of two of his sons Andrew and Richard. Out go 30 years of old fashioned management that just doesn’t fit in with to-days business requirements any more, (remember yellow pages and shop window advertising). In goes a fresh approach with technology at the forefront, bringing us up to speed with the rest of the world.  

A new Web site, Facebook, Twitter, all the things lacking in the past are up and running now. There’s a long way to go yet but improvements are already starting to show.

One constant, no matter what changes are made to management, is the standard of service provided by our experienced staff on the vans and at your house. Removals reputation is all about the people you meet. Feedback can now be left and this gives our porters/drivers the opportunity to read just how highly praised they are. Almost all of our work recently has come from recommendation and repeat customers. There’s plenty of room for more fresh work to be gained from the new approaches being installed. Having said that though, we all agree to keep it a friendly family run small business.

David hasn’t gone completely, part of his retirement plan is to continue with the self-access storage that his wife Eileen has been looking after for several years. By keeping this business small there’s no need to be vat registered so there’s no vat to charge on storage.  


Thirty years ago, David moved house. He tripled his mortgage and put himself onto permanent night shift for the extra money at the factory where he worked. While trying to arrange removals he found it difficult to speak to anyone directly and had to leave messages with peoples’ moms who would answer the phone but not have any answers to questions. It wasn’t so odd because back then there were no mobile phones. Once a bloke went out in his van he couldn’t be contacted again until he went home or phoned in from a phone box. (yeah, I know, What’s a phone box). In the end, David had to hire a luton van and call in family to help with the move. At the same time, his wife Eileen was bringing up their 3 young sons at home.  

You can see where this story’s going. Extra money was needed, David had free time during the day, Eileen was at home and able to book in work and answer phone enquiries with a baby on her lap. The old car was traded for an even older van and an advert was placed in the local free paper. “Van and driver from a fiver” the advert read. Now keep in mind that back then a fiver was well worth having, but Eileen could always squeeze a couple of quid more onto the price.  

David would get home from night-shift and have a couple of hours rest on the sofa before taking the van out to work. It was tiring and there wasn’t much chance for sleep but worse still was the fact that mobile phones hadn’t been invented. He’d get home and be turned around and sent out to the next job. 

When the factory closed the redundancy money was used to set up with a better van and to take a chance full time. Later Eileen would be in charge of packing, the boys would join in during school holidays, then later work full time as driver/porters. That’s a genuine family business.  


David never believed in pretending to be something he wasn’t. He was a man with a van even though he’d team up with other man and van services to carry out bigger part-loads and full removals. His biggest complaint was the willingness for advertising directories to print other ‘removers’ outright lies and pictures of pantechnicons when they only had transits. In an attempt to be as honest and transparent as possible he named the business ‘Smallmove removals and storage’. Later he’d own a small fleet of vans and he could take on large removals as well as van and driver work.  

The name ‘Smallmove’ started holding back bigger job enquiries and work was being lost. With his sons becoming more involved in the business, and bigger jobs being possible, the name David and Sons Removals was chosen to replace ‘Smallmove’ but ‘Smallmove’ was so well known that it never went away.


A few years ago, storage and self-storage came to the UK. It was a business that quietly but rapidly grew almost undetected. So quietly that it slipped past the vat man. It was a few years before vat had to be charged on self-storage.

David already rented a small warehouse and premises to operate the vans from, and it seemed a good idea from the start to build up a small manageable storage business to bring in a small income for his retirement, (which was going to be every year for the last ten years). Now at 65 the time has come to semi-retire, catch up with the gardening and earn a little from the storage.


Tea chests (plywood boxes that once transported tea) are a thing of the past. Removers used to have plywood tea chests to hire out to customers for packing their goods into. They were good and strong but large and difficult to store when not in use. Progress has seen their demise and tea is now transported in plastic sacks. No use for house moves. At David and Sons there is always a large stock of strong cardboard boxes suitable for removals packing. These are available on loan, free of charge. They’re bought from local businesses who would otherwise pay to have them taken away and re-cycled into pulp to make boxes again. Only strong clean boxes are used in various sizes, small for heavy books etc. large for saucepans, toaster, bread maker but the kettle is never packed away, it will be needed on moving day. And a few cups, a spoon, tea bags, milk, sugar………

Portable wardrobe boxes are carried on the vans. These are simply tall boxes with a rail across the top inside and with a door which will open to let you hang your clothes on the rail. There’s no charge for their use and they arrive on the van on moving day.

Worried about your new three piece suite? We have specially made quilted covers for sofas and chairs. These prevent the furniture from rubbing against door frames and from getting dusty.

Some furniture such as beds and wardrobes need to be dismantled in order to move them. This is not a problem. We can dismantle and re-build furniture for you. Let us know at the time of the quote if you want it done.

Of course, not only do we lend boxes for customers to pack for themselves, we also offer a packing and even an un-packing service. Generally, on the day before your move, our experienced packing team will come and pack your house into boxes ready to be moved on the removals day. But don’t worry. You won’t have to camp out on the floor overnight. We leave overnight essentials unpacked such as kettle, cups, cutlery, frying pan, whoops, this sounds like we’re inviting ourselves round for tea and bacon sandwiches in the morning.

Ok, chances are that you have a good size flat screen TV. Chances are that you don’t have the original packaging for the TV. Not a problem. Although the original packaging was designed specifically for yours, we have what we believe to be the best possible universal solution to keep it safe. We have strong rigid foam lined cases which accept most TV’s. we then pack around the TV to prevent it moving and put the lid on. So much better than just bubble wrap or the zip up soft bags sold for the job now.

On moving day, it’s usual for the keys to be released for your new property at around 2 0’clock. Our vans should be filled and ready to go well before then. You will not be charged waiting time by us. Our staff use this waiting time to find a chip shop or sandwich van and take a break.


Some of our destinations have taken us to all the corners of the UK. We’ve delivered to the North of Scotland and the South of England, the West of Wales and the East of East ??. Plus Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Ireland, Anglesey, and many many inland towns and villages. We collect from a wide area within the Kidderminster, Solihull, Worcester triangle which incudes Bromsgrove, Alvechurch, Redditch, Studley, Alcester, Inkberrow, Evesham, Worcester, Droitwich, and Wychbold plus all areas in between and around.


You may find that you need storage.

In order to keep a chain together, some people will go through with the sale of their property before they’re able to complete on the purchase of their new one. We often collect the removal and hold it in storage for a few days while the purchase goes through. We don’t have a minimum or maximum storage period and we only charge by the week and not the month. Since we have been approved by the storage insurance company, ‘’, we’ve been able to offer storage insurance cover to the full value of your goods.

Sometimes storage comes in handy before even a sale has been agreed. When you’re dressing your house for sale, making it look as attractive to potential buyers as you can, you’ll almost certainly look around and spot items of furniture and ‘objet d’art’ that you’d prefer not to be there. Pop it in storage and your property is free from clutter and better to be viewed. We have storage units from just eight feet by five. That’s like a transit van load out of sight.

We have goods in storage for many reasons. Inherited goods from family or friends. Goods stored for a son or daughters’ future when they have a place of their own. Winter storage of garden furniture, patio sets, hammocks, bbq’s, bikes etc. House alterations or extensions that can create a lot of mess and require a lot of space.

You don’t need us. With our self-store units you can bring your own goods and store them yourself if you prefer. When you have been booked in you’ll be given a key fob that will let you into the warehouse during opening hours. 9:00 till 6:00 weekdays and 10:00 till 4:00 Saturdays. Once inside, you’ll be able to open the roller shutter door and carry your goods in to your unit which you can pad-lock. All our units are on the ground floor so there are no stairs or lifts to tackle.

As we’re a small business, we can’t employ staff in the stores, there’s nothing to do for days on end so we don’t send out invoices for payments. We ask if it’s possible for you to set up a standing order. Now I have to assure you that with a standing order, we can’t control or alter your payments like a direct debit can. We don’t need your bank details but you do take ours. When you know the date you’ll be coming out of stores, you can stop the payments to suit, or if

it’s short notice, we’ll refund all weeks overpaid. There is no risk to you with a standing order. Just a reminder though that because we can’t control your payments, it’s up to you to stop them when the time is up. There’s nothing we can do to stop payments. Obviously, we’ll refund all overpayments in full.

What type of storage do you want. Large steel shipping containers have become popular. Usually lined up like a row of lock up garages you can drive up to the doors to load. These are usually 20 feet by 8 feet and placed outside.

There are outdoor steel containers and there is containerised storage in indoor warehouse containers which are a universal size, 8 x 5 to be stacked on top of each other. Also hardly ever heard of these days are indoor ‘lift vans’. Plywood crates of smaller size and not much use. There are also indoor warehouse ‘rooms’. The warehouse is partitioned off into different size rooms so you can choose the size you want before unloading.

Our stores are designed to take advantage of the best features of all the others. Firstly, our storage is indoors in a warehouse not outside in a steel container vulnerable to heat and frost and damp. Our warehouse is divided into rooms based on the standard size 8 x 5 plus 12 x 5. You don’t need to be able to estimate the size of room required. Just start unloading and open another container as you need it. We don’t stack your containers on top of each other. They are on the ground ready for you when you want to enter them.

For your peace of mind, our stores have remotely viewed cctv 24,7. There are many cameras inside and outside, some in plain sight and others not so easy to spot. They record off site. Every key holder for the stores has access to the cameras via their phones and lap-tops. The alarm system also alerts through the mobile phones.

For any enquiry about our services, phone Andrew 07842 633733